FCVPhotography Travel & Lifestyle Presets


  • Clean Colour & Tone w.Barrel Distortion

  • Clean Colour & Tone wo.Barrel Distortion

  • Cyan Shift w.Cross Process (Subtle)

  • Cyan Shift w.Cross Process + Pop

  • Cyan Shift w.Rich Reds

  • Cyan/Magenta Shift w.Rich Reds + Pop

  • Green Shift w.Low Contrast

  • Green Shift w. Subtle Colour Pop

  • High Bake w.Cool Tones & Vignette

  • High Bake w.Nice Skin Tones & Vignette

  • High Bake w.Rich Tone, Colour & Vignette_1

  • High Bake w.Rich Tone, Colour & Vignette_2

  • High Bake w.Rich Tone, Colour & Vignette_3

  • High Bake w. Urban/Grunge Tones

  • High Bake w. Yellow Shift

  • Lifted Blacks w.Blue Shift & Desat Colours

  • Lifted Blacks w.High Clarity & Desat Colours

  • Lifted Blacks w.Pushed Reds & Desat Colours

  • Luxurious Blacks_1

  • Luxurious Blacks_2

  • Magenta Highlights w.Colour Pop_1

  • Magenta Highlights w.Colour Pop_2

  • Magenta Shift w.Cross Processed Shadows

  • Teal & Orange (Subtle)

  • Teal & Orange (Heavy)

  • Yellow/Green Shift w.Colour Pop_1

  • Yellow/Green Shift w.Colour Pop_2

  • Yellow/Green Shift w.Colour Pop_3

  • Yellow/Green Shift w.High Clarity

  • Yellow/Green Shift w.Summer Colour

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In the past, I've been disappointed to find that many third-party preset's look great when applied the example images but never really match up to one's own work.

To try and get around this when selecting these Travel & Lifestyle Presets, I started by choosing 100 different photographs; ensuring a variety of subject matter, lighting scenarios, camera models and file types. I then proceeded to apply each of my presets to every picture and noting which ones worked best.

The result is 30 Lightroom Presets that I'm convinced will compliment your pictures.

I hope that you enjoy them!


- Adobe Lightroom Classic CC (7.3+)

- Adobe Lightroom CC

- Adobe Lightroom Mobile

- Adobe Photoshop CC

- RAW (Recommended), TIFF & JPEG File Types

- Easy Installation Guide & Videos Included.


While I have done my best to create a set of presets that look great and save you time, please bear in mind that each scenario is different. Some photographs might only need a single click; others may require further adjustment. Possibly there's even an image where none of these presets to get you to the look you're after.

If you're really battling, feel free to contact me and I'll help you as best I can.


© Freddie Child-Villiers, All Rights Reserved.

By Purchasing this product, you agree not to distribute (share) or sell this product and/or its contents in any capacity.

Thank you for your understanding.